What you'll learn in this course

(1 hour to complete)

  • How we are changing the story

    You'll meet a family and the professionals working with them. You'll learn how the TXPOP Practice Model supports them and how our approach is different than what has come before.

  • Key features of the TXPOP Practice Model

    You'll get an inside look at the heart of our work. You'll learn more about the TXPOP Practice Model values, Core Components and be introduced to some of our tools and strategies.

  • How we are creating and sustaining change

    You'll get a peek at how the TXPOP practice model goes beyond the individual to creating sustainable cultural shifts in our organizations and how to think about family engagement.

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • What to Expect While Taking This Course

  • 2

    Let's Change The Story

    • Meet Rose & Her Family

    • How We Are Changing The Story

  • 3

    TXPOP Practice Model Values

    • A Knock on Your Door

    • Who do you want at your door?

    • TXPOP Practice Model Values

  • 4

    TXPOP Core Components & Tools

    • Introduction

    • Involving The Family

    • Involving The Caregivers

    • Involving Children

    • Having Balanced Conversations & Assessments

    • Building Support Networks

    • Holding Network Meetings

    • Creating Explanations for Children

    • Building Rigorous Plans

    • Monitoring & Refining Rigorous Plans

    • Core Components & Tools Review

  • 5

    How this Model Supports Case Transitions

    • Supporting Case Transitions

  • 6

    How We Can Create & Sustain Change

    • Sustaining Change & Authentic Leadership

  • 7

    Next Steps

    • Thank You!

    • What did you think?